The august readers of the bookAuthored by the young and inspirational thought leader in Chirag Sheth

This book comes at an opportune time; so to speak the great interesting times of our lifetime. The Chinese saying goes like this…” It is better to live in interesting times than on normal times as the opportunities in life are exciting”. The saying goes onto expound that living in interesting times is extremely challenging for merely surviving on a human plane and entails the bringing the best of human faculties to the fore in overcoming apparently insurmountable challenges in various walks of life.

Chirag’s book is a powerful insight of a creative mind that vividly delineates the perceptions of a teenager in a complex world wherein the dynamics of change have swept ideas, notions and practices away in the maelstrom depths of adaptability needs governing the ephemeral expectations in the civilized societies around the world amid increasing insularity to cultural and racial traits. The world, in the current context, is facing unprecedented homogeneity of challenges faced by the youth who are poised to change destinies of nations and peoples’ across continents. This book is a veritable drop in the oasis of hope in the wilderness of circumstances that are ripping apart the livelihoods and filial ties around the world in as much as it collates the verses and the sayings as well as the anecdotes of influence from the history of mankind in a tapestry of possibilities that are relevant to the youth everywhere.

Chirag’s reading brings in fresh perspectives in the quest for a beacon of hope and the light of wisdom; especially as it comes from the pen of a gifted writer still in his teens.

This comes from me; an engineer-manager by profession who is in the middle of providing business transformation models for turning around organizations in the manufacturing domains amid the weakening influences of the macro economy.

On hind sight, my professional experiences over close to two decades and more have elicited the potential power in this must-read authored by a precocious teenager in the realm of intellectual and spiritual curiosity.

Enjoy the journey as much as I have!