Author Chirag Paresh Sheth with Vinod

Tawdeji, the Education Minister of Maharashtra

         It is customary for this page “About the Author” to be a curriculum vitae of the author in terms of academic and employment achievements. However, I wanted to use this page to present a little more than just my curriculum vitae.

Growing Up

I am a teenager with my share of ups and downs. While my mom ensured I excel in studies resulting in me having over 100 value add certificates like spelling certificates, science certificates, mathematics, etc. before I finished high school, I was always inclined to be an athlete. I was the team captain for Tug of War Maharashtra State, and an award winner in 200 and 400 meters running competitions. I was the school head boy and the house captain. And at my college, I was Mr. Freshers.

What Made Me Think?

I am fortunate to have an informal personal mentoring board guiding me since an early age. Over 20 senior management professionals (who I call uncle) allow me a meeting once a month to feed me coffee, pizza and ice-creams, and discuss whats new in my life on a one-to-onebasis. It is such a privilege and the term ‘seek and you shall find’ is so true since I have these great minds helping me at every step.

Way Ahead I am currently a student at VSIT, Mumbai. I will be attending University of Toledo from 2019 to 2021 for my Bachelor of Business Administration. I am also pursuing my CFP and keen to obtain my Masters from an Ivy League Business School. I plan to work as an investment banker and a part-time motivational speaker.

My Earlier Book

“Tales of Jalaram Bapa” is the first book which I co-authored with my younger brother. I was 14 then. My book is available at leading sites like Amazon.com, Amazon.in, Ebay.com, Abebooks.com, barnesandnoble.com, Ebay.au, rediffbooks.com and many other sites.