The book has been written in very simple language which makes it easier for the person to absorb whatever is being said.

To quote an example from this book: “A negative attitude is like a flat tire, you cannot reach anywhere until you change it” You immediately picture your negative attitude as a flat tire, you want to change it.

Taking another example from this book: “When you learn how much you are worth you will stop giving people discounts.” This sentences talks about your self-worth not about a superiority complex.

This sentence is so profound, “People who are aware of themselves have a better work life, love life and are good at handling money. They are not confused by the expectations of people, ideas from advertisements and media; because they know what really matters to them.” I can relate to it so well.

This sentence can be made into a new mantra, “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it is thinking of yourself less.”

 I am sure this book will make you think differently.

It is definitely worth reading.